September 20, 2018

Health Insurance Scams

Several new health insurance scams are popping up and it is important to be aware of them. The first is a robocall claiming that there is a new special enrollment going on and you can enroll in health insurance during this time. The second scam claims that a new association plan has been approved in Florida for employers and employees, neither of these claims are true. First, there is no new special enrollment, the annual open enrollment for health insurance begins on Nov. 1st and this is the only time that individuals can enroll in a permanent health insurance plan unless they have a qualifying event outside of open enrollment. Secondly the none of the major insurance companies have released any association plans as of this time, what scammers are trying to get people to sign up for limited benefit indemnity plans which would pay very little (if any) of a medical claim. Also, very few insurance companies are offering health insurance policies in Florida right now so if someone claims for instance that they can offer Humana, Aetna, or United, don’t be fooled