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Whether you have two or two hundred employees, we will find plans that fit your needs, no group is too small or too large for us.

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  • Group Life, Vision, and Disability

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Serving small businesses throughout the state of Florida.

Florida Health Insurance Advisors was founded to cater to the unique health insurance needs of small business owners, their employees, and their families. Our priority is to provide straightforward, transparent, and budget-friendly insurance options that meet your specific requirements.

Our mission is centered around delivering premium insurance solutions and unmatched customer support. Small businesses often face significant challenges in securing group health insurance that’s both affordable and comprehensive.

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Why Us?

  • 24/7/365 Customer Service
    We will be there for you long after the sale to answer your questions or address your concerns.

  • Mix & Match Providers
    Presenting you and your employees with the best combination of insurers based on your needs.
  • Your Satellite HR Department
    We handle additions of new employees, terminations, cobra notification, billing issues, claims issues and communication of benefits to employees
  • More Options
    There are many benefits we bring to the table including lower rates & more options.

Plus Comprehensive HR Management Software at No Extra Cost

  • Payroll
  • Time-Off Requests
  • Reporting
  • Benefits Portal for Employers & Employees
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Group Health

PPO, HMO, POS, and HSA plans from: Florida Blue, United Healthcare, Humana, Avmed, & others

Group Dental

Group Dental

PPO, HMO, and Indemnity plans from: Delta, Metlife, Standard, Humana, & others

Group Life, Vision, and Disability

Group Life, Vision, and Disability

Both long and short term plans from: Guardian, Standard, Humana, Metlife, & others

Pam has been fabulous in helping us to navigate the insurance minefield. Despite our company starting out with only a small handful of participants, she has been with us every step of the way and never treated us any differently. As we have grown, Pam has helped us to offer multiple local and national insurance plan options to our staff and their families, and it’s still just as easy as day one. I highly recommend Florida Health Insurance Advisors to anyone looking for an agent.

RenosiMatthew, RENOSI, Inc.
I appreciate the customer service that Florida Health Insurance Advisors rep, Pam has given us. Every time I ask a question she is prompt to answer and always makes sure we understand the process. Thank you Pam.
HindsightSarah R., Hindsight

We have been working with Florida Health Insurance Advisors for several years. They have been invaluable in helping us set up medical and dental coverage for our group plan. Specifically, Pam’s customer service is simply incredible. She always responds to my calls and emails on the same day and usually within an hour. We wouldn’t consider working with anyone else for our insurance needs.

Equalizing Opportunities

Large brokers typically cater to bigger companies, leaving smaller entities with limited access to cost-effective, tailor-made plans through the employer health insurance market. This disparity makes it difficult for small businesses to attract and retain top talent without offering competitive health benefits.

We aim to equalize the opportunities by assisting businesses small & large, in obtaining high-quality coverage at lower costs, enabling them to remain competitive in their industry.

With our statewide coverage and affordable premiums from the most reputable carriers, choosing the ideal group health insurance plan for your small business is now more accessible than ever. Request your quote today!


If you have questions, would like more information, or a no-obligation quote, please call us at: (888) 267-2656, or email us at: info@myfloridhia.com or click here for a free quote.

Our team of dedicated professionals works with individuals and families across Florida, from Tallahassee to Miami, Jacksonville to Tampa to Fort Myers, and everywhere in between.

Am I required to offer group health insurance to my employees?

Only if you have 50 full-time employees or full-time equivalent

What is a full-time equivalent?

The hours of part-time employees are added together to equal one full-time employee. For instance if you have 2 part time employees working 15 hours per week, that would equal one full time employee.

So if I am under that number I do not have to offer coverage?

That is correct, employers with fewer than 50 full time or equivalent are under no obligation to offer group coverage to their employees.

What if I am required to offer coverage but fail to do so?

In 2024 you would pay a penalty of $2,970 per employee, minus the first 30.

For example, if you have 100 employees, you would pay $2,970 times 70 employees, for a total of $207,900

Are there limits as to what kind of plan I can offer to my employees?

At least one of the plans you offer must cover at least 60% of a hypothetical $10,000 medical bill, and the cost of the plan cannot exceed 8.39% of an employee’s annual income.

If I have a group plan now can I keep it?

If your plan was in place prior to march 23rd 2010 and you have not made any substantial changes to it, you will be able to keep your current plan.

What if my plan was written after March 2010?

When your plan renews you will have to switch to a plan that is healthcare compliant.

What does healthcare compliant mean?

The plan you offer to your employees must include all ten of the ‘essential health benefits,’ and in 2024, the Out-of-Pocket Maximum cannot exceed $9,450 for an individual, and $18,900 for a family.

What if my plan is not healthcare complaint?

You will pay a penalty of $4,460 per employee that purchases subsidized health insurance on the Federal marketplace.

I currently have a 6 month wait for new hires to be eligible for my plan; can I keep that in place?

No, starting in 2014 the longest waiting period for new hires is 90 days.

Will I get government help in paying my employees premium?

Tax credits are available for companies with fewer than 25 full time employees and the average employee makes under $50,000 annually. However in order to receive the tax credits (35%) you must purchase your coverage from the Small Business Health Exchange (SHOP).

How many employees do I need to establish a group health plan?

You only need two full-time employees, which can include 1099 employees.

What if I offer coverage but some of my employees cannot afford to enroll?

If an employee’s cost exceeds 8.36% of their household income, they will be able to purchase health insurance on the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace and they will receive tax credits to help pay the premium.

What if I need more information?

You can call us at 888-267-2656 or email info@myfloridhia.com

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